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Manzotti’s ready-to-wear; detail and distinction


hether your style is classic or bold, Manzotti has a broad selection of suits and tuxedos, available in different colors, cuts and sizes, including tall and plus sizes. Black, grey or blue, we have blended wool, cotton or polyester versions that will highlight your natural elegance.

When choosing a garment, you’ll want to consciously feel the touch of the fabric, the cut and how it adjusts to your body, plus the color and the context in which you plan to wear it. Make an appointment to consult with a professional that can help you choose the perfect outfit for your occasion.


S. Cohen is a pioneer of performance driven innovation in men’s tailored clothing, established in Montreal since 1923. All S. Cohen garments are guided by five generations of attention-to-detail, care and innovation. Choose amongst their suits, sports jackets and coats.

Any chic and modern man looking to add sophistication and distinction to his wardrobe will turn to Sergio Barone’s new tuxedo collection. This classic, elegant black-tie fashion makes any man exude confidence and charm. Whatsmore, modern and fitted cuts perfectly adjust to your build. Come discover this newly arrived collection, now available in our stores!

Other collections featured include Au Noir, Parasuco, Duer Jeans, Di Franco Italian shoes, Cristiano Gualtieri and soon, Raffaele d’Amelio. The choices are limitless and you’re sure to find garments that are just right for you.


Looking for a trendy, comfortable and practical look? Browse our vast selection of sports jackets and dress shirts. You’ll find smart combinations that keep you looking your best at work, home or when heading out to dinner with friends.


Fashion shouldn’t have to be uncomfortable. Manzotti features an outstanding inventory of great looking jeans and pants that will keep you comfortable and elegant during your everyday activities.


Italian shoes are reputed around the world for their quality and style. This makes them undoubtedly the best fashion accessory you can invest in, when putting together a stylish, chic look. We carefully curate our fashions and want to offer the very best accessories to polish your look. We import genuine leather shoes and belts, directly from Italy, to make sure you have the best.


hether you’re getting married or attending someone else’s nuptials, the suits we have in store will definitely make you stand out! In order to choose the ideal look, select a color that makes you feel comfortable or consult with one of our fashion experts. Their specialty is matching the perfect cut and style to an individual’s build, making you look and feel your absolute best, when wearing a suit or tuxedo. Elegance and style are guaranteed every time.

Au Noir 2020 Collection

View complete collection at aunoir.com.

Lief Horsens 2020 Collection

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