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For every occasion

Our Men's collections to redefine your style

At Manzotti by Tuxedo Express, we are true sculptors of clothing style for men! Discover, thanks to our collections from the biggest brands on the market such as Leif Horsens, Soul of London, Yellow Skin and Hörst, the art of distinguishing yourself with audacity and elegance in all circumstances. Explore our vast range of ready-to-wear clothing, in various colors, cuts and sizes in varied styles ranging from classic to contemporary to timeless.

Showcase your natural chic with the perfect outfit for any occasion, whether it’s a suit, tuxedo, jeans, shirt, sweater, pants or underwear. Make an appointment with one of our tailors, he will be happy to guide you in your selection.

Leif Horsens collection: a style for every occasion

Find clothes from the Leif Horsens collections in our stores in Montreal and Laval. Opt for a classic, timeless and durable style combined with a modern cut while promoting your comfort. Leif Horsens clothing is made with innovative, recycled materials reducing landfill waste.

Leif Horsens Collection

Shoe collection: beautiful from head to toe

Complete your outfit with the right shoes

They say you can spot a sophisticated man by his shoes. Is your closet full of sneakers? A tuxedo calls for fancier shoes. At Manzotti by Tuxedo Express, we offer several models of Italian shoes and belts.

Quality is just as important as style when choosing a pair of shoes. That’s why we offer a wide selection of luxury eel skin shoes.

At Manzotti by Tuxedo Express, we offer several models of Italian shoes and belts. They are perfect for weddings, gala evenings, as well as for your daily life

Collection of elegant shoes

Collection of jeans


Jeans and pants

Fashion shouldn’t have to be uncomfortable. Manzotti features an outstanding inventory of great looking jeans and pants that will keep you comfortable and elegant during your everyday activities.

Shoes and belts

Italian shoes are reputed around the world for their quality and style. This makes them undoubtedly the best fashion accessory you can invest in, when putting together a stylish, chic look. We carefully curate our fashions and want to offer the very best accessories to polish your look. We import genuine leather shoes and belts, directly from Italy, to make sure you have the best.

Suits and tuxedos

It doesn’t matter whether it’s for your wedding or that of your loved ones, the costumes we offer will make you unique! To choose the one that suits you best, select a color in which you will feel comfortable or ask our expert tailors for advice. They will take the time to offer you tuxedos or clothes that go perfectly with your body shape so that you can display a distinctive and sophisticated style.